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AQUAEL Hang On Back Filter FZN Pro 400 / 700 / 1000 for aquariums from 10 - 200L

AQUAEL Hang On Back Filter FZN Pro 400 / 700 / 1000 for aquariums from 10 - 200L

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Extremely quiet, comfortable to use and versatile - this is the FZN PRO cascade filter. You can fill the capacious container for filter media with convenient cartridges or adapt it to your own requirements. Thanks to a number of conveniences, you will use it with pure pleasure.


FZN PRO is another idea for a cascade filter in the Aquael portfolio. It will be perfect for various types of tanks, both in nanoaquaria or shrimp tanks, as well as larger ones, even 300 litres. A great choice for small marine tanks where the cascading water drop creates a natural wave, imitating the movement of the sea.

Don't like waiting for the filter to start at full power? With the FZN PRO, you will not have this problem. Thanks to the placement of the motor under water, the filter, once connected, starts working immediately, without the need for any prior priming.

Worried that in the event of a power cut, your filter won't start when the power is switched on? The FZN PRO will start working straight away and will clean the water in your tank immediately. Thanks to the safe placement of the motor under the water, even longer power cuts will not be a surprise for this filter.

The telescopically adjustable* intake tube allows you to precisely adjust the length to suit your tank. Adapt the water intake point to the height of the substrate in your tank. This will work especially well with unusual aquarium sizes.

Adjust the performance of the filter according to your own choice and needs. We have placed a large, convenient adjustment knob on the top of the housing. It allows you to infinitely adjust the strength with which the filter operates.

Perfectly adjust the position of the filter to your tank. This is taken care of by the convenient circular regulator, with which you can precisely set the right level of the water spout.

Despite the large volume of the filter media container, the housing is slim and space-saving. The housing outside the tank is only 9.5 cm thick.

Quiet as a whisper

The Aquael designers have ensured that the FZN PRO filter operates as quietly as possible. The sound generated by the largest filter in the family is only 32 dB - as quiet as a whisper. The clever design ensures that any noise is suppressed as much as possible. This is because:

The filter outlet is flush with the surface, so that the outflowing water produces an ear-pleasing murmur. Forget about bubbling or noisy water overflow.

The motor is placed under the water. This provides natural sound insulation through the dampening effect of the water.

Any contact between the filter housing and the aquarium glass is protected with rubber. This reduces the vibration of the running unit and eliminates any knocking or bumping of the filter housing.

Linear holes have been added to the top of the housing. This reduces the resonance t

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