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AZOO PLUS - Green Water Remover

AZOO PLUS - Green Water Remover

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Green Water Remover - For freshwater aquariums and ponds


AZOO GREEN WATER REMOVER works well in cleaning the green water which is caused by unicellular floating algae. It can make your aquarium become crystal-clear. It is harmless to fish and water plants and is suitable for nature aquariums and ponds.


1. Add 10ml per 100 liter of water.

2. Freshwater aquariums will become clear in few hours after treatment.

3. It can speed up the clearance when functioning with filters.

4. Please use it again after 24 hours if necessary.

5. After using, close the bottle tight and keep out of reach of children and pets. @yasambetta

6. Do not swallow! In case of eye contamination, flush the contaminated are as with fresh water and get medical attention immediately & Inner cap is equal to 5ml , One full cap is equal to 20ml.

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