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COLOER - Aquascape Stone Foam Spray

COLOER - Aquascape Stone Foam Spray

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Product Description: Coloer spray foam is formulated to blend color naturally into the hardscape of aquascape/paludarium/terrarium. It can be applied in loose stones to keep it together or at the wall of paludarium to give the illusion of natural stones/rock. It bonds very fast to porous or non-porous rock, stone, cement, wood, and cloth. It can be used in pond or waterfall to direct water flow and it is harmless to fish and plants.

Features & Benefits: *Bonds with rock, stone, wood, and most aquarium and pond materials *Comes in two color; grey and brown that blends into shadows *Won’t discolor like conventional foam – no painting needed *Expands to fill gaps and voids *Easier and less expensive than stones/rock *Superior adhesion *Fills holes in trees to seal out pests *Use as a craft foam for artificial plants

Color: Brown or Grey Item included: 1x Coloer spray foam 900 ml 1x Spray head

Note: 1) Every single bottle comes with a free plastic nozzle spray and can only be used once. You can purchase additional plastic nozzles to ensure your scaping work by Coloer Foam runs smoothly.

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