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DENNERLE Shrimp King Active Soil (Black soil good for shrimps) 4L & 8L

DENNERLE Shrimp King Active Soil (Black soil good for shrimps) 4L & 8L

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Active substrate for shrimp aquaria

Nutrient supply and substrate in one

Especially suitable for bee shrimp

With fertile volcanic soil ( Andosol )

With a Bio-filter function for healthy clear water

Actively creates soft, slightly acidic water

ShrimpKing Active Soil consists of 100% natural raw materials. Made from various carefully selected natural soils, it provides vital minerals and trace elements that promote shrimp health and growth. ShrimpKing Active Soil has been specially developed for the successful keeping and breeding of shrimp. It is particularly suitable for all species that love soft, slightly acidic water, especially bee shrimp, such as the popular Crystal Red, Red Bee, Tiger Bees or Shadow Shrimp. It specifically changes the water in the direction that soft water species are accustomed to from their natural habitats. As a natural ion exchanger, it lowers the pH value and stabilizes it in the slightly acidic range (approx. pH 6.0 – 6.5). At the same time, it reduces the carbonate hardness – depending on the source water to approx. 0 – 2 °d KH – and thus makes the water significantly softer. It also serves as a natural source of valuable humic and fulvic acids without coloring the water.

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