GOLDEN BETTA - Final Revival Treatment Power Treat (heal dropsy and fin rot)

GOLDEN BETTA - Final Revival Treatment Power Treat (heal dropsy and fin rot)

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POWER TREAT (Internal Treatment)

- 100% Soluble Extracts

- Treat internal infections, suitable for all aquatic animals

Essential Ingredient :

Chlotetracycline 20% w/w


Treat bacterial diseases that cause dropsy, raised scales, fin and tail rots, bloody abdomen, bloody fin, and swim bladder disease. Get rid of protozoa that causes white spots on aquatic animals.

How to Treat All Infected Fry with Cotrixide (External Treatment) and Power Treat (Internal Treatment)

1.Fill a basin with 6-litre water

2.Add TANTANIC in recommended ratio to improve water condition suitable for treating the fry

3.Add COTRIXIDE into the water to get rid of external infections, using 1 cc of the product per 3-litre of tank water. *This ratio is for suitable for treating the sick betta fry. For other types of fish, please read the product’s description on the package*

4.Add 4 measuring spoons of Power Treat (The spoon is inside the package)

5.Mix everything together. It may cause some bubbles on water as Power Treat is in the size of nanoscale and contains surfactant to maximize the absorption.

6.Stop feeding the fry in the first 3 days. During the treatment, those heavily-infected fry will die one after another. Update us via LINE ID : @goldenbetta about the fish’s symptoms

7.Scoop out the dead fry out to prevent waste in water

8.After reaching 5 days, change the water and observe the fish’s symptoms. If the fry are completely recovered, use TANTANIC only. If they are not, redo the treatment by following step 2 to step 5. Feed the fish gradually to adjust their intestines.

*Please add the products in recommended ratio. Efficiency depends on the suitable amounts of products and water*

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