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GOLDEN BETTA - Food Pellet (Powder, Mini & Large Pellet Size)

GOLDEN BETTA - Food Pellet (Powder, Mini & Large Pellet Size)

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GoldenBetta Food is the instant fish food with slow-sinking pellets. (3weeks old onwards)

It is perfect for Bettas and other fussy fish. Filled with essential nutrients for your carnivorous fish, the product is the best substitute for live foods.


Protein: min. 55%

Lipid: min. 9%

Fiber: max. 1,9%

Moisture: max. 8%


Marine Proteins Marine Proteins

Cereal Meals Cereals

Plant Proteins Plant Proteins

Fish & Krill Oils Fish Oil

Lecithin Lecithin

Yeasts Yeast

Algae Moss


Minerals Minerals

Antioxidants Antioxidants

♦️ Mini pellets, 1 meal a day is enough. Golden Betta research team has calculated the nutrition per 1 meal. These granules are the most commonly used because it is easy for the fish to digest. Pellet food will float for a while and slowly sinks. Food comes with a seductive aroma that invites fish to eat.


✅ This diet pill can be used together with Procillus and Aminovita vitamins because...

1. Procillus

PROCILLUS Dietary supplement to help the digestive system.

💁🏼Features and functionality

The supplement is a white powder that is rice bran. Rice bran is the medium for microorganisms to grow. when we sprinkle in a nursery pond or in a jar, this rice bran will stay at the top of the water for about 1-2 days and then it will decompose by itself. The fish can eat it without issues. But the microbes will break out from the rice bran within 4 hours. These microbes will grow and consume the waste in the water, making the water clearer, slowing down the water degradation and reduces ammonia buildup.

And when bettas eat these microorganisms, the procillus will help with digestion. In the digestive system, procillus helps to deal with waste in the intestines of fish. This reduces the problem of flatulence by making the fish excrete well .

💥 Utilization rate for the pond fry it for 3-4 days every week or 1-2 times a thin sprinkling water around

💥 Sprinkle Procillus and it will slow down the water degradation.

2. Aminovita. This vitamin is used in combination with the pellet feeds.

Aminovita vitamin is a concentrated vitamin blend produced by the nanotechnology processing.

As a result, any free radicals that are as small as cells can be absorbed immediately.


Vitamin A: Regenerate cells, fish grow faster, color faster.

Vitamin E: Strengthen both male and female reproductive systems and create colour.

Vitamin D: Helps the liver absorb calcium, builds platelets and bones.

Vitamin K: Prevents inflammation.

Vitamins B1-B3, B5, B6: helps fight free radicals. Eliminates toxins from the liver, burns fat, inhibits the production of toxins in the body.

How to use :

Drip 8-9 drops of Aminovita per 1 teaspoon of mini or large pellets.

Then mix well. In the case of powdered food, mix with a little water so that it becomes a paste that can be stuck on the side wall of the container

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