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ISTA - (6 SIZES) Aquarium Cooling Fan Energy Saving Cooler

ISTA - (6 SIZES) Aquarium Cooling Fan Energy Saving Cooler

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ISTA Arrayed Aquarium Cooling Fan

Heat from aquarium equipment can warm up the tank and its surrounding, potentially causing hardware failure and disrupting the aquatic life of corals and fish stock. This fan is also good for shrimp tanks for shrimps like CRystal Red Shrimp (CRS)

With ISTA arrayed cooling fans, you can easily direct cool air to where it is most needed.

ISTA's silent yet powerful arrayed cooling fans generate a strong flow of cold wind ideal for ventilation, and help to reduce temperature by 3 to 5 degree Celsius.


- Easy to install.

- Large cooling fans.

- Strong wind flow.

- Cold air.

- Promotes ventilation.

- Reduces heat and humidity.

- Lowers temperature by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius.

- Adjustable wind direction.

- Durable aluminium alloy frame.

- Arrayed design available in single, double, triple, four, five and six fans to match different tank size.

- Energy saving.


- DC 12V output.

- Clamp mounting bracket for aquarium walls up to 1/2 inch thick.

- Thickness of aquarium wall (or the width of the lip around the top edge of aquarium) must not exceed 1/2 inch.

Fitting Guide

No. of fans Tank size

Single fan 30 - 45cm

Double fans 45 - 60cm

Triple fans 60 - 90cm

Four fans 90 - 120cm

Five fans 90 - 120cm

Six fans 90 - 120cm

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