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PRODIBIO - Humic Water Nano

PRODIBIO - Humic Water Nano

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HUMIC'WATER - Humic acid solution

HUMIC'WATER recreates the Amazonian black water conditions appreciated by Discus, Scalars, Apistos, Corydoras and Cardinalis.

Based on natural humic and fulvic acids and plant extracts (including Catappa), it contributes to the well-being of fish and promotes their reproduction.

HUMIC WATER naturally acidifies the environment and promotes interactions between the elements available in the aquarium (amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, nutrients, etc.) and living organisms.

It has a detoxifying action and strengthens the immune system of animals.

Its action is beneficial in all types of aquariums.

Does not tint the water.

Nano range: 100 mL bottle. Standard range: 100 or 250 ml bottle.

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