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SUMA - Suma Betta Water Conditioner & Medication for Strong Tail, Weather, Hiro, Blade, 3D, Strong Scale

SUMA - Suma Betta Water Conditioner & Medication for Strong Tail, Weather, Hiro, Blade, 3D, Strong Scale

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Strong Scale (White Cap) --- 1 Drop/L

Beneficial in the development of healthy, robust scales. Highly recommended to start on young fishes for advanced scale development. Will also help prevent serious injuries from biting during breeding.

Dream (Yellow Cap) --- 1 Drop/L

Particularly essential when transporting your fishes. Naturally extracted with calming effects to prevent tail bites from transportation stress. Fishes will recover after 5mins in fresh water.

Hiro (Blue Cap) --- 1 Drop/L

Well-rounded grooming solution with beneficial minerals, nutrients and vitamins for overall enhancement of fish health and longevity. Speeds up the time needed to age water. Water+AntiChlorine+Hiro, mic well and your water is ready for your bettas in 20mins. Improves water condition and prevents risk of fin tears with regular use.

Blade(Light Blue Cap) --- 2 or 3 Drops/L

Grooming Color Intensifying for Solid Color Bettas. Not to be confused with Suma Color. Suma Blade is for solid color bettas. This grooming solution will intensify the colors with regular use.

Weather (Dark Blue Cap) --- 1 Drop/Lifor rainy days or 1 Drop/2Litres to aged water for general conditioning

Sickness/Disease Prevention and Cure. Used during water changes. Absolutely essential during water changes on rainy/cooler days. This is a product made from natural ingredients and is particularly useful to help your fishes acclimatise to sudden water changes. Prevention is always better than cure.

Strong Tail (Red Cap) --- 1 Drop/L

Grooming Tail and Gill. Works exceptionally well for Dumbos. Promotes vigour and healthy development of fins. Naturally extracted ingredients and will help with non-flaring bettas. Can be sued for bettas that has problems opening the operculum gills when flaring. Performs exceptionally well for preventing tail rot. Also an excellent product to reverse fin clamps and regeneration of damaged fins.

3D Training (Red Cap, Round Bottle) --- 1 Drop/Litre

This is the best seller among all Suma has to offer. 3D is a well-rounded grooming solution in preparation for competitions. Noticeable enhancement to fish stamina, form and focus, making training sessions a breeze. Will also help with non-flaring bettas.

Bacterial Fungus (Green Cap) --- 1 Drop/Litre once a week for conditioning. 2 Drops/Litre for medicinal use

Work exceptionally well for dumbos, crowntail and halfmoons. Prevention and treatment of Bacteria and Fungi bloom. Prevents bloating, bleeding or tail rot. Especially useful in the prevention of further degradation of dumbo ears and stimulates regrowth on tears.

Tannin (Grey Cap) --- 2 Drops/Litre

Pure concentrated tannin extract from the Malabar Leaf. Instantly conditions water, making it liveable for bettas. Reduces pH the natural way without darkening your water! Can be used for light colored fishes.

White Spots/Ich (Yellow Cap) --- 2 Drops/Litre

Total Parasite Solution. Can be used to treat fishes that look ok on their scales but behave lifeless


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