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ZISS - EZ Breeder perfect for breeding fish and shrimp

ZISS - EZ Breeder perfect for breeding fish and shrimp

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The breeding boxes from Ziss Aqua have an elegant and clear exterior. The breeding boxes come with a suction cup hanging system with 4 suction cups, which ensures that the breeding box remains very firmly in the aquarium.

The breeding boxes from Ziss Aqua are available in 3 different variants, where the numbers after "BL" and "GL" stand for the number of stainless steel screens. Thanks to the integrated stainless steel screens, the breeding tray uses the flow in the aquarium in addition to the external air siphon.

The integrated stainless steel screens ensure that more fresh and oxygen-rich water enters the breeding tank, so that the fish grow faster and get a better color. On the side of the box is an external air siphon with which you create extra flow in the breeding box.

Besides the fact that the breeding boxes are perfect for setting young fish aside, they can also be used for breeding and crossing shrimp, catching feed shrimps in sea aquariums and breeding live-bearing fish.

The BL-2 trays are perfect for the cultivation of species where you have to see exactly how much and what the small fish have eaten. In addition, the BL-2 breeding trays always keep at least 1 cm of water, so your fish will never lie dry.

Advantages of the BL-3 Breedingbox

- Young fish grow faster because extra oxygen-rich water through an external inlet and the fine mesh enters the container.

- The trays can be mounted in any aquarium by means of a patented suction cup system which is included.

- The water in the breeding box is constantly refreshed by the water circulation system. The big advantage of this is that the water in the breeding box has the same temperature and water values ​​as the aquarium. It is therefore no longer necessary to get used to the fish in the breeding box.

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