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ZISS - Fish & Shrimp Incubator (ZET-E55 , ZET-55 , ZET-65 , ZET-80) Tumbler

ZISS - Fish & Shrimp Incubator (ZET-E55 , ZET-55 , ZET-65 , ZET-80) Tumbler

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Ziss Tumblers are completely new patented fish egg incubators. The Ziss Tumblers can be installed inside your aquarium and are simply operated by an aquarium air pump which is controlled by an adjustable air valve.

These devices are most often used for African Cichlids (non adhesive eggs), but it can also be used for bee shrimp, pleco and corydoras eggs (adhesive eggs). You can adjust the water flow to tumble the eggs whether they are large or small (non adhesive eggs), or can let them sit and just give sufficient water flow for hatching around them (adhesive eggs).

Ziss tumblers will give much higher hatching yields and save baby fish fry that have been hatched.


- All kind of fish eggs can be used

- Can give excellent hatching yield

- Can be used at early stage striped eggs and very sensitive fish eggs

- Can give irregular moving action by additional cap design (non adhesive eggs)

- Shock by water change can be eliminated

- Embryonic development can be easily observed

- Bad/rotten eggs can be easily removed.

- Eggs and sac fry will not be stressed by round bottom design

- Stand up design for easy use

- High impact resistance Polycarbonate resin used

- Filter Sponge, Ziss Air Valve (ZV-4), Ziss Cleanable Air Stone (ZAD-12) included

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