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AZOO PLUS - Cloudy Treatment

AZOO PLUS - Cloudy Treatment

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CLOUDY TREATMENT - For freshwater


For cloudy water cases, quickly causes suspended matters to precipitate, clarifies water instantly.

The precipitate will be decomposed by bacterial action. Additionally, the special formula protects fishbody.

A safe formula to add in the aquarium.


1. Provides the most pure and clear breeding environment for tropical freshwater fish.

2. Condenses the suspended matter in a mature aquarium (green or cloudy) and rapidly clears the color of the water. @yasambetta

3. Maintains the filter system to decompose and remove condensed material suspended in the water.

4. The precipitate from using AZ.00 PLUS Cloudy Treatment is able to be decomposed by bacterial action.

5. Contains special formulas to protect fish.

The Main Components:

Polyaluminum Chloride ' Positive Ion Polymer ' Distill Water

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