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BIOHOME - ULTIMATE Sintered Glass Filter Media

BIOHOME - ULTIMATE Sintered Glass Filter Media

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Biohome is a sintered glass filtration media that houses billions of beneficial bacteria to get rid of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. It is by far the most operational and cost effective biological media available. Bacteria clings on better in this product than any other plastic media. This promotes fast growth and colonisation.


300 grams

Usage Guidelines:

Use as a filter media.

For Marine Environment 1kg Biohome to 1500 Litres of water

For Freshwater 1kg Biohome to 3000 Litres of water

With the massive surface area, you can say goodbye to huge and chunky biomats,broballs,etc Treating 3 tons of freshwater with 1 kg of BIOHOME, all you need is a very small compartment for biological filtration! (1kg = 1.25L)

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