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EIHO - General Aid (treating skin and tail rot)

EIHO - General Aid (treating skin and tail rot)

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EIHO GENERAL AID is effective for treating skin and tail rot cause by bacteria. This disease usually arises after fish undergo stressful conditions such as poor handling or catching, fish transport, poor water conditions, fish fighting.

Symptoms include:

- Shedding of scales

- Redness and infection on body with ulcer

- Tail and fin rot (fins appear frayed and reddish)

- Fish appear weak

- Injury due to fights

General Aid is formulated with two strong anti-bacteria medication that is highly effective in combating common skin bacteria. At the same time, it will not stress out the fishes. It is highly suitable for goldfish, koi, cichlid and arrowana.


1 cap (5ml) for 50L. Remove activated carbon during treatment. It is advised to buffer the pH of aquaria before using general aid. In soft water environment, use half the dosage. For persistent infection, additional dosage can be added on the fourth and eighth days. Can be used as a preventative measure or when adding new fish. Application of 5ml for 100L every 10 days.

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