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GEX - Shrimp Soil

GEX - Shrimp Soil

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**Granules size is about 2mm to 3mm in size on average. Do expect that some granules may be crushed, so some will seems smaller or broken down in to fine granules**

Gex Pure Black Soil.

Granules made from natural soils, won't crumble easily and helps stems grow strong and deep.

Also adsorbs water stains such as from driftwood.

No pre-washing necessary.

*Usage Note:

1: As the product is made of natural soil, it's not recommended to rinse before use. If you decide to rinse it, please do not be alarmed that the water will be black in color (The soil is black)

2: In order to minimise aquarium water to become cloudy, please lower the aquarium water level to minimum before placing the soil in. After placing the soil, pour water by the side of the tank surface to minimise the soil been stir up by the water flow.

3: Do expect the water to still be a bit cloudy even after following the above recommendation. Do allow the water to settle down and remove any floating substrate should there be any on the water surface before letting the fishes back into the tank.

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