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GOLDEN BETTA - Tannin Solution Aquatan / Blue Tannic

GOLDEN BETTA - Tannin Solution Aquatan / Blue Tannic

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Blue Tannic

Blue Coloring

Size: 2 Liters / 1 Liter / 500 cc. / 50 cc.

1 Liter treats 1,000 liters of water in bettas’ tank

1 Liter treats 2,000 liters of water in other fish’s tank


• Inhibits bacteria, prevents infection and heals fish wounds.

• Controls the change in the pH of the water to be within the range suitable for fish growth. and baby fish

• No sediment, no fog, extracting useful substances

• Can be used for both tap water, rain water, ground water

• Reduce the toxicity of ammonia in water. Slows down wastewater

• Removes chlorine in water

• Reduces fish stress. Help the fish to be healthy make a sting quickly because of the condition of the water

🛑 Shake well before each use. Usage rate Use 1 cc of substance per 1 liter of water. The water will turn light blue as soon as it is used. The color will be stable and not darken

anymore. Use BLUE TANNIC. Malabar leaves don't need to be worn anymore. No need to add salt because it is more efficient and it's redundant and if the leaves are dirty A fungal pathogen with

🛑 Caution

Enter the amount prescribed. Do not put too much because it may be harmful to fish.

☝️BLUE TANNIC 1 liter can dissolve up to 1000 liters of tap water.




1cc per 1 litre of water is enough GOLDENBETTA AQUATAN GOLD, adjust water in one step. It can be used with all kinds of beautiful fish.


• Inhibit bacteria, prevent infection and heal the fish’s wound.

• Control the change in the pH of the water (pH) to the appropriate criteria for the growth of fish and fry.

• No sediment, no blemish extracts useful substances.

• Can be used in both tap water, rain water and ground water.

• Reduce the toxicity of ammonia in the water. Slows down the waste water.

• Eliminate chlorine in the water.

• Reduce stress on fish. Helps to keep fish healthy and builds up quickly because of good water condition

100ml sample will be in either soap bottle or drip bottles

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