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OASE - FiltoSmart 60

OASE - FiltoSmart 60

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The Oase FiltoSmart 60 External Aquarium Filter provides mechanical and biological filtration for smaller fish tanks ranging up to 60 litres. Designed for use with both fresh and salt water aquariums the compact FiltoSmart 60 Filter comes supplied as a complete set up with media, hoses and adaptors ready for installation straight out of the box.

These filters help create crystal clear, healthy water through multi-staged mechanical and biological filtration which provides an extremely high surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonise. These bacteria effectively breakdown debris and waste particles which ultimately results in cleaner, healthier water for your aquariums inhabitants.

Another added benefit of the Oase FiltoSmart 60 is the self venting function for simple uncomplicated operation. The FiltoSmart 60 Filter is space saving and has been designed with multiple installation possibilities in mind. It can be placed neatly under, to the side or behind the aquarium to suit your requirements. In the case of the FiltoSmart 60 it can also be fastened to the side of the tank via the FiltoSmart 60 Mounting Bracket which is available to purchase separately.

Weight: 1.12kg

Dimensions: 28.6 x 14.7 x 12.5 cm

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