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Yasam Betta

YASAM - Mulberry, Almond Leaves & Dried Catappa Bark with Cave

YASAM - Mulberry, Almond Leaves & Dried Catappa Bark with Cave

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Carefully sourced and picked from pesticide free and fertilizer free sources. A good addition for your shrimp tanks, these dried goods help provide a natural food source and replenish the minerals and vitamins from tap water or even filtered water.

These items do not dirty the water and will help to provide a cave or food for shrimps to feed and hide. Anti bacterial and anti fungal and anti stress.

Banana Leaves 10pc:

Banana leaves have preventive and healing properties. When used in aquariums, they assure good immunity to your shrimps. The leaves release tannin and other elements to the water which enhances shrimps' health condition. Shrimps and crayfish also by nibbling the leaves clean their digestive tracts.

Mini Almond Leaves Pack:

Not so dark leaves allow the shrimps to still be seen but yet still providing the right amount of tannins. The Indian Almond Leaf is said to help in the process of dwarf shrimp breeding by providing a beneficial spot for bacteria to grow that young shrimp can feed on. When the leaves are left in the tank, a multitude of microorganisms will begin to colonize the leave and break it down. Good to decorate the tank to create the miniature isotope tanks

Mulberry Leaf 10pc: (S and M Size approx 12 and 17cm Length)

These provide an excellent alternative food for your shrimp. Leaves are a natural part of a shrimp habitat and help support beneficial biofilm. These Mulberry leaves are 100% organic and safe for all aquarium inhabitants.

Catappa Bark 1pc:

Indian Catappa Bark has strong healing and anti-bacterial properties and is used in many countries for medicinal purposes, such as in Mexico for asthma, Indonesia for rheumatic pain and Brazil as a folk remedy for fever and dysentery. 

It is more concentrated than the leaves and is a greater product for producing blackwater extract.

Bark from the Catappa tree is a great way to increase tannins in your water and to add health benefits. These dried strips of Catappa bark are great for conditioning breeding fish and adding a natural look to your aquarium.

Plant material has demonstrated in studies that the decomposing organic materials release beneficial minerals as well as beneficial fungi and bacteria to decompose it. This organic matter is a great food for infusoria and shrimp and fish fry thrive when eating it.

Alder Cones 1 pack:

Not only do they have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, alder cones provide a feeding station for shrimp. Shrimps will enjoy grazing on the biofilm that grows over the surface of the cones.

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