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ZISS - CO2 Air Diffuser ZD200 Spare Parts & Accesories

ZISS - CO2 Air Diffuser ZD200 Spare Parts & Accesories

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It is a diffuser that comes with two pads and can handle both CO2 (carbon dioxide) and Air (air) supply.

Both pads have a very long life and do not need to be replaced for a very long time.

The foam is finer than the products using ceramics as the material, and the dissolution rate is also excellent.

In addition, since there is less moss adhering to the bad part, the maintenance work time is greatly reduced, so the number of times to touch the aquarium is reduced, and the effect on water quality and living body is also reduced.

How to use:

At the time of purchase, a white pad is set for adding CO2. Replace the pad according to your purpose.

When using for air addition with Air, replace the white pad with the green pad.

Even if the air pad (green) is used for CO2, sufficiently fine bubbles will be generated.

Tightening the cap with a tool may cause damage. Try tightening it by hand to avoid injury, and then use a tool if necessary.

When using for the first time, please note that the foam is rough for the first 30 minutes because the pad is not compatible with water. After that, it gradually becomes finer.

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